What is Hadoop


Imagine this scenario: You have 1GB of data that you need to process.
The data is stored in a relational database on your desktop computer and
this desktop computer has no problem handling this load.
Then your company starts growing very quickly, and that data grows to
And then 100GB.
And you start to reach the limits of your current desktop computer.
So you scale-up by investing in a larger computer, and you are then OK
for a few more months.
When your data grows to 10TB, and then 100TB, you are quickly
approaching the limits of that computer.
Moreover, you are now asked to feed your application with unstructured
data coming from sources like Facebook, Twitter, RFID readers,
sensors, and so on.
Your management wants to derive information from both the relational
data and the unstructured data and wants this information as soon as
What should you…

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