How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

UM SI/HON/PHYS 365: Cyberscience, Fall 2014

The attached article provides insightful analysis of how big data and advanced analytics can streamline biopharmaceutical, chemical, and discrete manufacturing. One big use of analytics is the ability to increase yields and reduce costs. This analysis is done on collected operational and shop floor data. Ten other ways big data is revolutionizing manufacturing are listed below.

  • Increasing the accuracy, quality and yield of biopharmaceutical production
  • Accelerating the integration of IT, manufacturing and operational systems making the vision of Industrie 4.0 a reality.
  • Better forecasts of product demand and production (46%), understanding plant performance across multiple metrics (45%) and providing service and support to customers faster (39%) are the top three areas big data can improve manufacturing performance.

LNS Graphic

  • Integrating advanced analytics across the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) framework to fuel continuous improvement.
  • Greater visibility into supplier quality levels, and greater accuracy in predicting supplier performance over time.
  • Measuring compliance…

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